This October we are commemorating Black History Month, a time dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the significant contributions of Black individuals to British culture and progress. As the month draws to a close, we’re ‘Saluting our Sisters’ and joining the #WeMatter movement, to highlight and celebrate the Black Women who have been instrumental in the STEM.

Black women in STEM have stood as monumental pillars, reshaping landscapes and challenging norms. Despite challenges, these Black women have used their brilliance to leave indelible marks in their fields, often trailblazing the way for others.


Chi Onwurah

“Technology is an incredibly creative and exciting career choice for women, it’s not just about coding in a back room.”

Chi Onwurah’s world highlight her dedication to bridging technology and governance. As an engineer-turned-MP, she paves the way for the fusion of innovation and policy, inspiring women to thrive in both realms.

Kit Ahweyevu 

“Building a diverse workforce and leadership layer, and empowering those folk is essential to meaningful and systemic change.”

Kit Ahweyevu

Kit Ahweyevu is the CEO of Mindweaver, and a board advisor championing inclusion, belonging, and equality in technology. A pioneer, Kit is highly regarded within the technology industries, and is dedicated to empowering the underemployed and overlooked groups through working with UK businesses and government departments to build diverse teams, and create antiracist and inclusive policies.


Jacky Wright

“Inclusion drives innovation.”

Jacky Wright’s leadership echelons of Microsoft, ascending the status as a beacon of unwavering commitment and dedication. Now at McKinsey, her contributions to fostering innovation while ardently championing diversity serve as a profound testament. Her journey is a testament to the importance of resilience, vision, and a deep commitment to inclusivity. Through her exemplary achievements, she illustrates that with purpose and tenacity, transformative change is not just possible—it’s imminent.


Dr. Samantha Tross

“Orthopaedic surgery chose me.”

In 2005, Dr. Samantha Tross, as the UK’s first black female orthopaedic surgeon, became a beacon of talent and determination. Her groundbreaking journey not only shattered barriers but also lit a path of inspiration, highlighting the transformative power of representation and diversity in medicine.


*Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

“I quickly realised that the only way to address the lack of women in STEM was to inspire the next generation.”

With this conviction, Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon founded Stemettes. Beyond academic prowess, she’s on a mission to ensure every young woman knows her potential in science and innovation.


Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE

“Space is not only for rocket scientists and billionaires.”

Through ‘The Sky at Night’, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock brings the wonders of the universe closer to everyone, young and old. Her passion communicates an essential truth: the cosmos is a vast treasure trove of discovery, waiting for all of us.


Dr. Nike Folayan MBE

Engineering Change: A Vision for a Diverse Future

Dr. Nike Folayan MBE’s heartfelt fight just on engineering as a career, isn’t just about. Serving as WES’s Technical Director, she’s also the heart of AFBE-UK, touching the lives of 200,000 beneficiaries and amplifying diversity in engineering. With accolades like an MBE and honorary doctorates, her name is synonymous with transformational leadership.


Professor Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu

“Increasing awareness is crucial.”

Professor Anionwu’s dedication to nursing and her groundbreaking work in sickle cell and thalassaemia care underscores the importance of understanding, compassion, and education in healthcare. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication.


Gisela Abbam FRSA

“I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Gisela Abbam FRSA, Chair of the Global Health Impact Council, is a beacon of passion and dedication in the STEM field. Her unwavering influence in initiatives to harmonise global talent spans the broader expanse of science and innovation. With illustrious track records, from significant roles to commendable awards and global collaborations, Gisela’s mark on health, business, and STEM is undeniable. From General Electric to the World Health Organisation, her steadfast commitment to elevating global health and mentoring the next STEM leaders is forging pioneering pathways.


There are also a number of organisations across the creative industries, who are breaking down barriers, increasing representation and enable people to thrive in their industries:

Mindweaver – they help build diverse digital teams, embed antiracism, create more inclusive environments and unlock innovation ensuring under-represented communities are part of shaping the technological places and spaces that will change the world.