Our 2023 Tech Industries Census is our most comprehensive yet, with the latest careers, salaries and workplace trends from across the world of technology. Compiled using data collected from over 478 professionals and with 10,000 data points, our 2023 Census (formerly our Salary Survey), delves deeper than ever before into what really matters for businesses and talent.

Our report outlines the following:

  • Why the sector has plenty of room for optimism with over 52% of businesses still looking to hire in 2023
  • Inflated salaries with over 61% in permanent positions earning a pay increase in the last 12 months versus 47% of contractors
  • Rise of AI and digital innovation, and how this is shaping the industries
  • ‘The Great Recalibration’, with 93% of employees are willing to stay with a business for a longer period if it invests in their learning and development
  • Employee and employer disconnect when it comes to workplace policies, benefits and perks, and working practices
  • A snapshot of what diversity, equity and inclusion looks like within the tech industries

You’ll also be able to benchmark yours and your teams salaries.

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With the digital age truly upon us, the world of work is becoming increasingly global, with talent crossing borders to seek new opportunities and experiences. So, for hiring managers and those looking to start a post-Brexit life in Europe, it’s never been more crucial to stay informed about the various incentives and benefits available to international talent.

Arrows Group Global have signed up to Earn Your Worth – a campaign championing fair pay for all.

A growing understanding of the importance of diverse teams has brought renewed urgency to addressing one of the tech industries most persistent problems: gender pay inequity. According to Diversity in Tech, Around 78% of large organisations admitted to having a gender pay gap in the technology sector, with women earning up to 28% less than their male colleagues in the same tech roles.

As part of our commitment to eradicating pay disparities, we have teamed up with Major Players, who launched the campaign in 2019, and will no longer ask our candidates to divulge their salary history. We believe for a candidates salary history only perpetuates gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability inequality; and allows for unconscious bias to take control. There is clear evidence which indicates that when making this simple, low-cast change to the hiring process, we can positively impact pay inequality.

As one of the UK’s leading technology recruiters, we have a responsibility to play our part in closing pay gaps across marginalised groups; and championing fair pay for all. If you’d like to find out more about Earn Your Worth, and our commitments to creating equitable futures for all, then please reach out to us using the contact form below.