As Article 50 is triggered, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group Global comments on the impact this could have on the UK technology sector and those workers that make it tick.

– Information Age

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As Article 50 is triggered, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group, comments that while many of its implications are still unclear, from a digital skills perspective, we’re already seeing how Brexit is making top digital talent reluctant to come to the UK and flock elsewhere.

– Recruitment International

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What does the triggering of Article 50 mean for growth businesses? James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group reveals that Brexit has already had an impact on digital skills, with some overseas candidates turning down competitive roles in the UK.

– Growth Business

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As prime minister Theresa May triggers Article 50, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group explains that while many of the implications of Brexit are still unclear, we need to make sure the UK is still an attractive place to work for Europe’s top digital talent.

– Computer Weekly

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The trigger of Article 50 signifies significant change. But how will this impact the migration of digital skills in and out of the UK? Amongst other industry experts, Arrows Group’s CEO and founder James Parsons thinks more needs to be done by the government to put the right laws and incentives in place to foster and grow local talent.

– Real Business 

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James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group commenting on the impact of Brexit on our workforce, and how the UK needs to remain a location with a healthy supply of digital talent.

– Recruitment Grapevine

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Arrows Group’s CEO James Parsons explores the impact Brexit has had on talent considering a UK career move, and how Arrows Group has seen a 10% reduction of EU skilled workers relocating to the UK since the Brexit vote.

– Computer Business Review

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Sponsored by Arrows Group, this exclusive Women in Business event positively challenged the under-representation of women in the technology industry, and explored how we can attract female leaders of the future to develop a more diverse culture in the tech space.

Guest speakers and panellists included Helen Pitcher (Chairman, Advanced Boardroom Excellence), Claire Darley (Head of Multi-Channel Transformation at Telefonica UK & Chair of the Women’s Network at Telefonica UK), Yelena Parker (Head of Customer Success and Operations for Teamseer at Access Group), and James Parsons (CEO and Co-founder of Arrows Group).

Mike Jones, Director at Arrows Group and Chair of the panel commented, “This event was a fantastic forum for our clients to hear how we can start to alter behaviours to make room for budding female talent. As a global workforce provider within the technology sector, we are very aware of the industry’s need to make a cultural shift to encourage a more diverse workforce, particularly in terms of gender.”