OneDay™ optimises the efficiency of your hiring process by condensing selection into a single day, underpinned by NLP principles that evaluate the candidate’s technical and cultural fit. The pace and precision of a OneDay™ event means you will see 7-8 candidates in a single day, and hire 3-4 people.

What are your pain points?

Building tech teams fast

With mounting skills shortages, it can be hard enough to fill one tech specialism, let alone an entire team, at pace. OneDay™ is built to address this challenge, with a track record of securing 3-4 high-quality hires in a single day.

Engaging candidates

In a market where skilled candidates are scarce, meaningful engagement becomes a valuable USP. OneDays™ are unique, sharable events that create some buzz around your hiring story and EVP.

Making fast decisions

Losing talent to faster-moving competitors is a painful and damaging experience. OneDay™ builds dynamism into your hiring process, making it faster and easier to compare candidates and make informed decisions.

Build a reliable cycle of talent

Combined with our workforce planning experience, we help companies establish a 6 or 12-month talent cycle, supported by a rolling schedule of OneDays™ across multiple business units or brands. Adopting our OneDay™ methodology offers you a predictable and measurable structure to solve your talent needs – all backed by our dedicated delivery teams scouting the globe for talent.

OneDay process


  • Faster interviewing and hiring processes
  • Better and faster decision making
  • Rejuvenated candidate engagement
  • Faster deployment of teams
  • Reduced attrition due to better matching of candidates to roles