Building diverse workforces

As one of the UK’s leading tech talent agencies, we have a responsibility to positively impact the diversity, equity and inclusion of the industries we work within. We partner with our clients to create fair and equal recruitment processes that impactful changes within their organisation. Here are some of the things we can leverage and support on:


Utilising our support network

Over the year’s we’ve nurtured a number of key networks and partnerships, forming an eco-system that allows us to highlight and address DE&I within the tech industry. Through us, our clients can tap into a wealth of knowledge and talent within those networks


Creating ‘long-list’ quotas

We recognise that talent pools in some areas may not be as diverse as we would like and it can be difficult to find diverse candidate representation. We offer a long list service that allows us to provide you with candidates who will have transferable skills, stepping up or looking to get back into the industry.


Anonymous CV’s

We support our client partners with anonymous CV  campaigns – removing data such as names, education and background to remove any bias from the hiring process


Investment into partners and activations

To enable junior and grassroots talent to enter the industry, we commit to investing into our networks and activations that help drive positive action within the tech industries


Embracing ‘Earn Your Worth’

To improve pay parity across the tech industries, we are committed to our Earn Your Worth initiative (outlined below), where we do not ask for our candidates to disclose their salary in a bid to reduce underpayment for marginalised groups


Analysing our data & insights

We endeavour to collect diversity data on all of our candidates enabling us to clearly identify disparities highlighted in our talent pools and act upon them. It also helps build out our diverse talent pool


Unconscious Bias Training

We recognise that bias starts at the point of candidate application, to address this, all of our talent partners receive ongoing unconscious bias training. 15% of our business are qualified to deliver Unconscious Bias Training to continue to support Arrows and also deliver the training externally to our clients

Authentically Different

At Arrows we strongly believe in being our true, authentic selves and owning our differences. We become more resilient and courageous when we embrace who we truly are and our lived experiences; and we use our vulnerability as a strength, empowering us to foster better connections and relationships with one another.

We whole heartedly believe that our people should be adding to our culture, not fitting into it; and we actively encourage an open, collaborative, and engaging environment that promotes diversity of thought and free thinking.

By talking about, and authentically celebrating our differences, we enrich those around us and our communities. Our journey of learning and discovery is infinite, and we are committed to continuing to learn, progress and champion one another.

Our group wide Inclusion Council, ensures that we continue on this path, ensuring we’re building the best business we can.

Committing toFair Pay For All

We are proud to be apart of the Earn Your Worth campaign – championing ‘Fair Pay for All’. 

A growing understanding of the importance of diverse teams has brought renewed urgency to addressing one of the tech industries most persistent problems: gender pay inequity. According to Diversity in Tech, Around 78% of large organisations admitted to having a gender pay gap in the technology sector, with women earning up to 28% less than their male colleagues in the same tech roles.

As part of our commitment to eradicating pay disparities, we have teamed up with Major Players, who launched the campaign in 2019, and will no longer ask our candidates to divulge their salary history. We believe for a candidates salary history only perpetuates gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability inequality; and allows for unconscious bias to take control. There is clear evidence which indicates that when making this simple, low-cast change to the hiring process, we can positively impact pay inequality.

As one of the UK’s leading technology recruiters, we have a responsibility to play our part in closing pay gaps across marginalised groups; and championing fair pay for all. If you’d like to find out more about Earn Your Worth, then click here.