Our Story

We have been working in the technology staffing and consulting sector since 2003 helping some of the world’s most exciting brands scale their global technology capabilities.

Over this time we have learned that the competition for the top technology skills on the open market has become unsustainable. This results in spiralling salary inflation, frustrating levels of staff attrition and companies having to compromise on skill and/or costs in order to grow.

We have designed the Futurescale programme in consultation with CTO’s and customers to address these issues in delivering sustainable, scalable talent pipelines in the niche areas of data and software engineering.
Our model absorbs the risks, complications and time required in building successful long-term talent capability.



Our rigorous selection and assessment process aimed at developing the top 1% of STEM graduates


Our aim is to increase the level of diversity in technology. Our training courses are free to the student and open to all

Low Risk.

This is a ‘plug and play’ solution where fully trained consultants land ready to add value from day 1


Our consultants are on fixed 2 year contracts at which point they can be converted to full permanent hire.


With full mentor and training support the programme can be scaled quickly whilst addressing macro tech skills shortages


Future Scale is technology consultancy focussed on attracting and developing the next generation of data and engineering talent.

We put the brightest graduate STEM talent through a rigorous selection and training programme to produce cohorts of exceptional data and engineering consultants.

While selection is tough, the training is free for the graduates and we are committed to building inclusive, diverse teams.

Our consultants are deployed on 2 year contracts after which they are available for free permanent hire.

Our Model


We recruit high-calibre, top-tier STEM graduates. We work with diverse candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to build balanced teams. We look for candidates who can make a difference from day one.


Our programme is for 10-12 weeks which combines, in depth technical practices, soft skills and personal development to prepare our consultants for success.


Our consultants are deployed on 2 year contracts with clients. Upon the completion of the two year contract our consultants are available fo free permanent hire.


Mentors support our consultants through the entire 2 year programme. Further up-skilling and specific training is available through our online training hub.


DATA Stream

UNIT 1: Data Modelling – NoSQL data models, ETL to build databases in PostgreSQL & Apache Cassandra Software

UNIT 2: Cloud Data Warehouse:data warehousing skills, creating cloud-based data warehouses on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

UNIT 3: Spark and Data Lakes Understand the big data ecosystem. How to use Spark to work with large datasets. Store big data in a data lake & query with Spark

UNIT 4: Data Pipelines with Airflow. Schedule, automate & monitor data pipelines using Apache Airflow. Run data quality checks, track data lineage, and work with data pipelines in production
Futurescale Project.


UNIT 1: Web, coding in HTML & CSS and JavaScript development fundamentals

UNIT 2: React, Test Driven Development and website hosting and management.

UNIT 3: Learning Full stack development and introducing API’s and adding complexity with Python, Django and more

UNIT 4: Practice version control with Git and GitHub, executing software projects and learning Agile Workflow
Futurescale Project

We select, develop, deploy and support high-calibre graduates to become talented data and engineering technologists.

S van den Bos - Programme Director - KPN

For KPN, a key challenge was how we fully utilise our Data Analytics and reporting. Having looked at the market for solutions FutureScale really stood out. To embed qualified Data consultants into our teams, we were able to create multiple projects and outcomes that added real business value. The FutureScale Team are a consistent support and really help with management stretch along with feedback and career development for their consultants.

David Lewis, Reply Group

We engaged the FutureScale team to help us establish a scalable solution around specific software engineering skills. We needed to expand quickly whilst having a reliable source of specifically trained developers to work on customer build projects. Our experience of recruiting on the open market proved mixed and time consuming whilst being able to outsource this entire process to the FutureScale team was logical and we could add this programme to our long term resourcing strategy.. This solution helped solve the ongoing talent challenges that are always part of growing technology services.