Building a start-up from scratch for a global leader in digital technologies for the automotive sector.

Tasked with creating innovative products and software consistently. R3Pi needed uncommon, elite individuals who were prepared to push and challenge themselves every day to ‘do it right, better and different’.

The Challenge

With no brand history, R3Pi were challenged with being able to attract candidates; their potential in the market was the main proposition for candidates. Adding to this difficulty was the fact that NDA agreements made it hard to be fully transparent with candidates, and as a brand-new business there were no products to showcase.

R3Pi was determined to get their innovations to market as quickly as possible to compete in the industry. They needed a broad spectrum of skills, with roles ranging from engineers through to a head of product. Ultimately, starting from scratch meant that they needed a clearer understanding of which skillsets they would need and when.

The Solution

We took a consultative approach to help R3Pi understand what skills it would need to get the start-up off the ground and ready to deliver their innovative products. So, in collaboration with Solera, we designed R3Pi’s entire team and created clear timelines for talent delivery.

Our international team allowed R3Pi to access individuals that were currently working in Europe and attract them to the UK. In addition, we utilised our unique OneDay™ solution which streamlines the interviewing process into a single candidate assessment day. This was instrumental in giving candidates the positive and structured experience they needed to buy into R3Pi.

The Results

  • We fulfilled the rapid staffing needs of R3Pi, building an entire start-up at speed.
    We ran 12 OneDay™ sessions in total.
  • Contracts were delivered rapidly: a 5-day turnaround was achieved for contractors and a 10-day turnaround for permanent staff.
  • Through the success of this project, we have a continuing relationship with R3Pi and are working to deliver teams on an international scale.
  • R3Pi now have a team at the forefront of a disruptive product in a very exciting business, with great offices, and a real sense of working on something unique.
Consultant, Solera

As an experienced digital professional, I’ve been through many application processes, and have certainly reached a point where the ease and efficiency of the process has a big impact on my willingness to accept a job offer. I have to say that the OneDay™ created a completely new experience, and the impression it gave me of the organisation played a big part in convincing me that Solera was the place I wanted to work. Despite the competing offers I received from other brands, Solera stood out.