Building digital teams to accelerate innovation.

Having started out in the founder’s basement in 2001, the company is now headquartered in the UK; listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2014, Just Eat were the most successful European tech IPO of the last decade, and are firmly established on the FTSE 250. A series of global acquisitions now sees Just Eat operate in 12 markets around the world.

The Challenge

Just Eat’s business model is based around bringing digital technologies at speed to the food delivery sector. Their desire to maintain their market position whilst accelerating innovation meant that Just Eat began to think about new strategies for scaling their agile workforce. The company wanted to build a digital workforce to complement their existing workplace culture and quickly respond to change.

Just Eat’s stakeholders recognised that in their current period of rapid international expansion and high-growth, developing a talent strategy was key to sustaining their market-leading position. In order to implement this strategy, Just Eat wanted to centralise their approach to building a world-class workforce, and also to amplify the values that set them apart from their competition.

The Solution

Arrows Group Global were brought on board to provide the consultative thinking that would help Just Eat to harness their standout employer brand and track record of innovation. The companies worked together to develop a workforce strategy across multiple locations using Arrows Group’s existing knowledge of Just Eat’s culture and values.

Despite the need for speed and a large scale up, Arrows Group provided in-depth market analysis and hard evidence on available talent pools. Arrows Group Global also identified global markets to match Just Eat’s international skills requirements and workforce plan.

Running multiple OneDay™ sessions to reduce the interview process to a single stage, Arrows Group created a compelling experience for applicants. Using their knowledge of Just Eat’s business, they created a hiring experience which mirrors the brand – agile, innovative, and full of feel-good moments. Securing talent with a good cultural fit helped to accelerate innovation, with each new hire contributing to Just Eat’s values of ‘make happy’, ‘razor sharp’, and ‘big hearted’ add to the positive disruption which defines the business.

Arrows Group Global introduced a streamlined on-boarding programme with their CareCon™ solution, which includes all aspects from initial on-boarding to compliance and extension management, resulting in an optimised workflow and creating increased productivity.

The Results

  • In collaboration with Just Eat, Arrows Group Global created a systematic, project-driven workforce plan which incorporated online workflow management tools with clear delivery milestones.
  • Arrows Group gave Just Eat stakeholders full oversight of skills requirements of multiple departments across two locations, enabling a more centralised approach to the talent pipeline. Busy Just Eat stakeholders were able to rely on a robust workforce plan, so that they could make time for the streamlined OneDay™ interview sessions and understand where their workforce would be deployed.
  • Overall, Arrows Group used their OneDay™ solution to fill over 60 development, testing, and senior roles in just three months. This was achieved for Just Eat in the difficult digital talent markets of London and Bristol.
  • Arrows Group implemented their CareCon™ solution to support the onboarding and cultural immersion of all new hires, ensuring that the high number of new employees were engaged in the business from day one.


Head of Talent Acquisition, Just Eat

Arrows Group Global not only enable us to fulfil our hiring objectives, they help us to capitalise on our brand to secure the top tech talent out there. Their team regularly spends time onsite with us, giving them real understanding of our business culture and priorities. Best of all, they gave us the ability to visualise our talent pipeline, providing a whole new level of workforce strategy to support our global growth plans. This ties in well with the regular governance reporting provided by Arrows Group, which ensures that we’re always on track with our workforce needs.