Recently, wherever the discussion about artificial intelligence starts in any gathering, one thing that I always get to hear is “AI replacing humans.” I wonder why people only see AI as a computer doing all the human tasks and may be assuming all the humans on Mars!

After some analysis, I could conclude that this “AI replacing Humans” perception is only the result of less or no knowledge of the masses about the current and prospects of any technology, let alone AI.

It is understandable that AI works faster and cheaper, with better performance than many software engineers, programmers, and developers. Many Software houses of all levels embrace the latest AI technologies in software development to stay relevant with time. Yet, the possibility of Artificial Intelligent machines liberating the human minds from everyday tasks is somewhat unacceptable.

Therefore, I believe it is too ironic to think of the creations computers taking the place of creators- developers and engineers. This could be a great story from a science fiction thriller, but this is still far from reality, at least for the next few decades, until breakthroughs related to this paradigm shift are observed in the technological world.

To prove the above point relevant, let us dig a little deeper. In recent findings, it is predicted that almost half of the works will be completely automated in the U.S by the end of the running decade. This means more AI will be incorporated into jobs, businesses, and institutions. But who will bring all those technological advancements into the market? Can we expect some aliens or angels to do this for us?

So, this means that AI will be there for our greater good, but through human hands. Let’s talk about software engineers or programmers. AI will improvise the coding processes in such a way that human professionals with improved skills will be required more than ever in the coming years.

Technology professionals, researchers, and giant tech-companies owners also believe that AI is speeding up the processes with more remarkable quality than ever. However, its complete execution still needs critical, creative, and analytical thinking. Only the working strategies of programmers, developers, and engineering will be updated with future developments without being completely replaced.

I have been associated with technology professionally for the past many decades. The first thing I heard when the computers were introduced commercially was, “we will soon be replaced.” However, every new development strengthened our skillset and made us so productive that the tech providers did most hiring.

Conclusively, AI and all other newest technologies are inevitable; instead of making baseless scenarios in our minds, let us enhance our skills to play our parts in the changing world. Let us embrace the forthcoming AI specialists instead of portraying AI as a threat to the job markets.

Written by Charlie Sell, Group Marketing Director.