It’s the time of year when we start sending each other festive well-wishes.

I love the social aspect of the season. When Covid allows, it’s great to have the excuse to catch up with close contacts. This year, though, the biggest response has been to a much less Christmas-y message of mine.

Move aside ‘Seasons Greetings’ and make way for the gift of bespoke data analysis.

Beyond the Salary Survey

Every year, Arrows Group publishes and sends out a Salary Survey. This is a useful piece of market information offered by recruitment businesses. The survey contains insights well beyond financials, despite the name. Our 2021 survey includes considerable information on the effects of the pandemic.

salary surveyThe Salary Survey results are necessarily high level – you can’t flood people with data they don’t want. But, given we have a robust database of c. 500,000 GDPR-cleared individuals, could we offer more?

We posed that question when we sent the Salary Survey out, inviting anyone wanting more detailed information to get in touch. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many requests have come back. Could we go in-depth on specific skill stacks and geographies? Can we give deep breakdowns of salary movements in certain sectors? Could we provide detailed information on the impact of IR35?

The answer is, categorically yes.

Data for Meaningful Conversations

Good quality data drives meaningful discussions and decisions. There’s no doubt about that.

A recent Quality Conversations Survey by Tableau Research and YouGov asked almost 2,000 executives about organizational data (yes – data about data!). In the UK, 92% felt it was very to moderately important that all departments should be able to access data to aid decision-making. Some 75% agreed quality data helps make more accurate decisions. And 75% agreed data helps with being taken seriously.

DataAt Arrows Group, we have a wealth of extremely useful data at our fingertips. We can mine it quickly via our business intelligence team at no extra cost. We also work closely with a small pool of data science graduates via the platform unibeez. This is a good reciprocal arrangement. They can work as and when available, securing valuable experience, and we can support future stars of the field.

Offering access to quality, robust data means we can support our clients’ business decisions. We can provide information to support a feasibility study on a new tech centre or guide new ways of working. We can help support decisions on salaries and benefits and much more.

This has made for more engaging conversations, going beyond traditional recruitment services.

A Tech Led Recruitment Business

Working more consultatively through data is no accident. Many years ago, we decided to make Arrows Group a technology-led recruitment business. Hiring hundreds of recruitment consultants to do the same job is archaic. Platforms like LinkedIn have already changed the game.

As a tech-led business, we have invested in the right technology, including AI and data. Through tech enablement, our people have the best tools for the job. In turn, we can use these tools to share in-depth market knowledge and guide valuable conversations with our clients.

This is our year-round gift. Merry Christmas!

Would you like to know more about our recent Salary Survey? Or are you interested in talking about how we can use data to support your business? Get in touch.

Charlie Sell
Charlie Sell – Group MD Arrows Group