Expanding service lines to support global mobility and digital economy

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 9, 2016 – One year since opening its Indian centre of excellence, Arrows Group Global, provider of global talent solutions for the digital economy, has moved to new premises in Gurgaon as the company continues its client-led expansion strategy and remarkable growth trajectory.  The move heralds a highly successful period of delivering total workforce solutions to its global customers, particularly those clients ready to embrace the benefits of multicultural and multi-geographical talent.  This suits the company’s expanding client base of high-growth, high-tech companies and major corporates who all need to build their digital capability.

Mike Jones, Managing Director, comments, “The reality of today’s digital economy is that talent is dispersed across the world, and professional services firms like Arrows Group can help bring that global talent to our clients’ doorsteps.  I’m proud of the team that we’ve built from scratch in India and the high-performance culture they’ve instilled that is integral to our DNA and success.  Our growth is a direct reflection of how our clients have responded positively to our unique approach.  Moving to larger offices signals to our staff and clients that Arrows Group Global is ready for the next chapter in business process outsourcing.”

Naveen Narayanan, Global Consulting Director, adds, “Navigating the complexities and challenges involved in global skills mobility is a significant hurdle for many clients and firms.  We’ve spent the past year reinforcing our capability and infrastructure that is now delivering commercial advantages for our clients, many operating in highly competitive sectors and international markets.  Arrows Group can target talent scarcity and attraction by opening up the global skills marketplace, and help reinvent how our clients think about their work, workers, and workspace.  As a global practitioner of people best practice, it has been immensely rewarding to reflect on a transformative year for our staff in India, and I am excited for what the future holds in the new offices.”