MB Christie – Financial Times

“The Challenge of Digital Transition for established companies – my lessons learned”

MB’s presentation will cover:

Every organisation has a rhythm – a series of recurring events built up over time that define the pace and culture of the place. After two decades of working at both brand-name corporates and digital start-ups, I think the challenge to inject a sustainable digital rhythm into a brand born from physical goods can’t be underestimated. It isn’t impossible, but you need to change the core rhythm of the place to make it really work. It is a bit like taking an orchestra that has always played Bach and asking them to switch to hip-hop – it can’t be done overnight and it needs to build on the core identity of the place. I’ll talk about some of the lessons I’ve learned about how to make the transition to digital.

About MB

Mary Beth (a.k.a. MB) is a digital leader who has spent the past 20 years mastering the art of growing digital businesses in start-ups and corporates alike across the media, e-commerce and property sectors. After one entrepreneurial venture in Prague, two IPOs in London (QXL and Rightmove), and one corporate transition to digital (Financial Times), MB has learned how to build successful digital companies.

Nitesh Thadani – Treniq and Connected Homes

“Agile & Start-ups: Facts, failures and fundamentals”

Nitesh’s presentation will cover:

Nitesh will cover experiences and learning in a start-up when trying to incorporate successful delivery techniques used earlier in bigger enterprises. It will also touch upon some key (Agile) practices and how they have evolved over time.


About Nitesh

Founder, technical advisor and delivery manager, Nitesh has worked in a variety of roles. His most recent stint involves managing the delivery for the web & mobile platform within an “enterprise” start-up as well as providing advisory to an early stage start-up.


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