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Mark Durrand – Media Ingenuity

Jon Mullen – Rightmove

Mark Durrand “Agile Is No Longer Interesting”:

• Is a focus on process productive?
• Who’s not doing Agile?
• The essential elements of high-performing teams.
• Who owns process anyway?
• Do teams naturally evolve beyond Agile?

About Mark

Mark is a CTO with over 15 years of technology experience – more than that if you count programming on a ZX Spectrum at 10 – mainly in building consumer-facing websites. He was CTO at uSwitch.com for 3 years and is now helping to build the UK’s best credit card comparison site at totallymoney.com. Mark has advocated an Agile approach to delivering business value for many years, and has a strong desire to ensure the latest technologies are
harnessed in a productive manner wherever he has worked.

Jon Mullen “Rightmove, building for the future… The first 6 weeks”:

Taking a fresh Agile approach to delivering some of the components that constitute the Rightmove product suite.

About Jon

Jon joined Rightmove having previously spent 8 years at Sky, and is an advocate of Lean and XP principles. Jon’s grounding is in Agile-driven product delivery, whether onshore, offshore, or 3rd party. He has shown his ability to build and lead large technical teams and departments. He is driven by the desire to constantly improve both what he does, and what those he leads do. Jon takes great pride in delivering quality systems that meet the needs of the customer and the business.

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