Agile Evangelist is Arrows Group’s Quarterly Thought Leadership Forum dedicated to the Agile Community with inspirational speakers and interactive discussions.

At the 22nd Agile Evangelist event, experts from Wiley and Expedia shared their Agile experiences with around 120 other Agile practitioners.

First up Anna Gevorgyan from Expedia presented “Stop ‘Doing Agile’ and Do Something Useful With Your Company!”. Anna has been working in technology companies over the past 10 years and is currently helping product delivery teams within Expedia Inc group to improve and “be more awesome”. Her presentation covered common traps in an Agile transformation, and what makes or breaks your success with Agile.

Freddie Quek from Wiley followed in typically engaging fashion, presenting “How Not to Do Agile: A Practitioner’s View in Sharing Lessons Learnt”. A highly experienced technology leader with over 20 years in the publishing and information sectors, Freddie’s portfolio of digital products includes some of the most well-known brands in the scientific, medical, and technical world. Freddie posed questions to the audience such as how Agile should you be, how do you hire the right people, and can you really do Agile with remote teams?

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