Arrows Group hosts quarterly Agile Evangelist forums across Europe dedicated to thought leaders with inspirational speakers and interactive discussions, tackling challenges in organisational redesign and business transformation.

Roy Lines (Consultant Architect and Developer, McKinsey Digital Labs)

“Peppers’ Ghost and the Proteus Cabinet: How magician’s protect their secrets”
Roy, well known in the Magic Circle, will talk through examples where patent law fell foul, and discuss a better way with the Magician’s Code – a bond based on trust and trade secrets rather than patents, and how that applies to working with teams and software in the clients we see today.

Colin Houlihan (Digital Consultant at McKinsey & Company)

“Turbocharging your Scrum with DevOps and Continuous Development”
Colin will share his considerable experience in the use of DevOps and continuous delivery practices and culture to rapidly increase team productivity.

Ben Hughes (Advisor for McKinsey & Company)

“The difference between efficiency and effectiveness, is the same as the diffference between Knowledge and Wisdom – A tour of the seemingly harmless”
Many leaders fail to recognise the difference between being efficient and being effective. This often results in the implementation of policies in the name of efficiency that can seriously hamper teams’ abilities to be effective. Ben, in his humorous style, will talk through some experiences of where this has and can happen, and what to do about it.

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