We are super proud with the ‘1% Pledge’ news that our founder and CEO James Parsons has recently announced!

1% OF ALL Arrows group profits will be donated to our foundation annually to help support kids around the world that need it the most. This is great news for us and our partner charity War Child.

Established in 2015, the Arrows Group Foundation is proud to work a number of children’s causes around the world all of which are focussed on supporting disadvantaged children in having the best chance in life. We primarily focus on causes like care, education, employment readiness and mentoring.

We raise funds to support projects we care about and are also looking forward to a busy year of volunteering.

Previous projects include funding girls orphanages in Delhi which provide a safe environment for those that need it the most and then supporting them through their education and helping with the transition into meaningful employment.


Why WarChild?

In 2019, it is shocking that so many children remain the innocent victims of war – 10 children are forcibly displaced every minute because of conflict or persecution (UNHCR) and one in six children worldwide are living in conflict-affected areas. Abduction, violence and recruitment into armed groups are just some of the challenges these children face. Children lose their homes, their family and friends, their childhood and their chance to achieve their full potential. Their situation is desperate.

War Child is the only charity that specialises in supporting children affected by war. We don’t just help children when war breaks out, we commit to their communities for the long term, staying after the fighting has stopped and the TV cameras have left, ensuring young people are equipped to rebuild their lives.

Guided by the needs of children we focus on:

Protection – providing safe spaces for children to live, play and learn, and psychological first aid to help them overcome the trauma of conflict

Education – removing barriers to education and providing literacy and numeracy skills

Livelihoods – delivering life skills and business development training to vulnerable young people and their families

Some of our Fundraising campaigns we are participating in 2019;

  • Mud Run/Mud Masters, Amsterdam
  • 3 peaks challenge, London
  • London to Amsterdam cycle
  • Royal Parks ½ Marathon, London