My experience at Arrows Group

I have been working at Arrows Group for over six years and have seen (and been a part of!) a massive transformation in the way Arrows Group looks to partner up with clients and embed themselves within their candidate networks. From starting as a Trainee with ZERO experience of hardly anything…(!), I have been fortunate enough to stumble my way up through the ranks and experience all the highs and lows you should in the recruitment industry. These skills have since helped me build better and lasting relationships both personally and professionally.

What are the people & culture like at Arrows Group?

The culture at Arrows Group has always been really open and centred on being a ‘good person’ alongside being a great recruiter. There are no set stereotypes and there is a solid platform in place allowing any and all individuals to work in a way most conducive to their own success. The leadership team are big on feedback and getting to know their staff as people which is so important when looking to understand true motivations. And when the time is right, we are of course pretty good on a night out ;).