When I contacted Arrows with this idea of a “popup team” to help when delivery gets rough I was very pleased they were so receptive to it. At that stage, it was pure exploration. And a couple of weeks later, I realised I had one key GDPR project in serious troubles. Or so I thought – but that was before Arrows materialised a brand new team in the department in less than 3 weeks. That was our first popup team. Since then we have extended that team and asked Arrows for a second one a few months later. And to be honest, at first I wasn’t even sure I would like the idea. We are very picky on team fit and technical proficiency. Giving up control and relying entirely on third-party for such a core and sensitive function is anything but obvious. Yet Arrows had already proven they “understood” us: our culture, our demanding standards. And that their network has what it takes to meet that. I am still a bit confused about what looks like a miracle, but a repeated one which leaves only one interpretation: it’s impressive know-how.