Ruzma Butt

Group Credit Control Manager

What your job is – I am the Group Credit Control Manager here at Arrows and my job is to secure payment for all services provided by our highly skilled consultants. My role is to manage the company ledger and ensure clients pay according to our terms, ensure all queries raised are dealt with swiftly. To run credit checks on new clients to identify any risk exposure and also managing the on boarding process.
Your approach and goals –I would say my approach is hands on and not afraid to get my hands dirty. The ultimate goal is to make the company cash rich so that everyone benefits. I believe that Arrows has the skill and determination to be among the best in the business and I keep this in mind as I want to be part of that grown and that is what keeps me motivated. I believe communication is key and another of my goals is to build a good relationship with all sales consultants as everything they do impacts my role. Working together is what breeds success!
What you do in your personal time (family, sports, interesting hobbies!) – I took a career break to study make up just before I hit the big 40!, I experimented with colour and had my work published as well as doing make up behind the scenes on Celebrity Big Brother , working London Fashion week and a series of commercials for the Sky TV show ‘Once Upon A Time’ . I love the theatre, grew up going to live gigs and have been to over 100 concerts and festivals combined, which included seeing Michael Jackson twice in the 80’s and Prince 11 times!, both musical legends in my opinion. Also love travelling and been to about 15 countries