Red Gittins

Consultant .NET Microsoft

Why Recruitment/Arrows Group?
I joined the world of recruitment as I wanted to be paid for the amount of effort I put in. In my past role I was always picking up the slack for less motivated colleagues and yet was paid the same. At Arrows I know that if I work hard, I will achieve what I deserve. I enjoyed the open nature of Arrows and the friendliness of the team. I was happy to be part of such a expanding and dynamic team.

Core Capabilities:
I specialise in placing Microsoft Engineers who work predominantly on the backend, server side, of development. My candidates often come from a fintech background and have a strong knowledge of cutting-edge tools such as .Net Core, WebAPI and a cloud based infrastructure. I work on the perm side of the .Net Team at Arrows.

Fun Fact:
I have a twin sister who does not look like me at all. She is blond, tall and has dark eyes. She also has a totally different degree and lifestyle choice.