Joanna Lema

Employee Engagement Officer

Hobbies & Interests 
I’ve recently had two very active little girls and they pretty much take up all my leisure time. Our weekends consist of birthday parties filled with hyper toddlers running high on Haribo and wearing some very funny fitting costumes. We visit the country frequently and stay with family and friends in Oxford. Favourite spots are the Cotswolds safari and the Soho farmhouse.

My interests….I had to ask my husband about this one and he said “your always looking at food on instagram”. Which is true I have a thing for vegan foods (I’m not a vegan I don’t have the discipline I love my chinese duck and Dim sum too much) although I like the concept of eating veg 80%of the time. If you were to ask my friends about me and food they would say there is nothing I wouldn’t eat I’m not fussy it just has to be good food.(I’ve never eaten at Mc Donalds……I know that’s weird)

Why Jo chose Arrows:
I started in recruitment working for Arrows Group healthcare. I friend of mine referred me. I was given the opportunity to start up a new company called Green Staff which supplied niche doctors and nurses for the nhs. We were not on the books so we could charge what we wanted and the hospitals where always in need. Long story short we had an Arrows skiing trip and I got to know the teams in tech and from skiing the black runs (with a crazy guy called Roland) I found the whole office in tech hilarious fun and I knew it was where I wanted to be. Foward 6 months I left Green staff billing ¬£42,000 a week and moved in to Technology recruitment within Arrows. Arrows has always been encouraging and what I’ve learnt through recruitment is talk get you no where action gets you anywhere.

Core Capabilities
– Optimizing information and data
– Assessing and attention to detail
– Multi tasking
– Decision and ownership