Florian Mutschler

DACH Sales Director

– Sports overall (Ski, tennis, gym, running, spinning)
– Travel – I lived in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Netherlands and Spain. Used to work for McClaren for 3 years as a hospitality manager during 51 F1 races and both my parents come from tourism so its in my DNA to be out and about.
– Good food (foodie with a special taste for Asian food).
– My daughter (4 years old, called Lilla) and wife (French speaker and head of perm Benelux & France for Sthree, managing 140 consultants), which makes us a real recruitment family i guess 🙂

Why Florian chose Arrows:
– Because its a medium sized recruiter that got a good name in the market and is going places
– Because its got a UK, DACH and Dutch footprint
– Had a good feeling with the management and the dutch office

Core Capabilities:
– Bringing energy into the business
– Old but not that old
– Called the “King of Fun”….used to be responsible for organising international incentives when I was young and wild.
– Done recruitment in several countries/continents/across several verticals (IT, finance, engineering, accountancy, banking) so able to see cultural differences but also knowing that recruitment is recruitment wherever it is > 99% the same where ever it is.

– Impatient – “Time Kills Deals”