Arianto Gruijters

Consultant - Opensource

Fun fact:
”I see myself as an introvert, working in an extrovert environment”, A gentle soul

Why Arianto chose for Arrows:
The reason for me to go into recruitment is because I have had sales in school and the teacher there was able to convey the passion he had for his sales job. When I started looking for a Job, Sales was the area I was looking for but because normal sales (B2B: product sales) was not the area that I wanted to go in, I started to look at other sales jobs. This brought me to recruitment. I also worked with a recruiter to get my current job and through her I was able to get the feeling that recruitment was what I wanted to make a career out of. Other reasons I wanted to go into sales is because I thought it would be challenging to me to meet certain targets and that it was a job that would enable me to get the most out of myself, compared to your typical 9-5 jobs.

The reason that I choose Arrows is because of all other recruitment agencies that I applied and was invited to, Arrows group felt like the right environment for me to start my career as are recruiter in. In the end, after getting the job, I found that all of the before mentioned was true.

Core Capabilities:
– Communicating (work in progress)
– Active listener (although still work in progress)
– The ability to always see the positive in the negative
– Resilient