What do today’s global technology leaders all have in common and what are they predicting for the future in tech? Charlie Sell’s FutureTech Podcast Series One, has some interesting answers.

Charlie Sell, Group MD of Arrows’ Group Global, realised as the first lockdown hit in 2020 that the Arrows’ business model was going to have to pivot pretty quickly. As a specialist tech recruitment agency, the pandemic immediately meant a huge hit on roles as the nation furloughed their workers and abandoned their hiring schemes. As a partner to some of the world’s top tech companies, the key was to call up every partner, find out how they were coping and what support they needed to get back on their feet. What resulted was the birth of a podcast series of Charlie’s conversations with these tech leaders, discovering not only the challenges they faced, but developing into how they came to be in the positions they were in, and what they saw unfolding next for tech.

The podcasts have become hugely popular with STEM graduates (over 3,000 followers and growing), looking for tips on how to make it in tech; and are leading the way for startups and the wider tech community too. Charlie explains, “Three main themes became apparent in Series One. We saw strong similarities in our CTO and CPO journeys to the top, their collective thoughts on emerging technologies and company culture and also the career advice they offered to STEM grads”.

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