How OneDayTM is transforming technical recruitment

You’ve probably heard us talk about our OneDayTM technical recruitment framework. 

Some clients hear OneDayTM and assume that means they can totally forget about recruitment apart from one day of interviews, and they’ll magically get five technical hires at the end. 

That’s not the case. 

OneDayTM is a dramatically faster way to hire – yes. And it does culminate in a single day of interviews. And you could have five new technical hires by the end of the day. 

But there much more going on behind the scenes. And only certain businesses can elevate their recruitment function to achieve OneDayTM. So let’s put the record straight.

What is OneDayTM?

OneDayTM is a collaborative, strategic recruitment framework for making multiple technical hires fast. It’s a controlled recruitment process with defined timescales and deliverables – culminating in a single day of interviews, and usually two to five technical hires.

OneDayTM condenses the recruitment lifecycle dramatically, usually to only two weeks from defining roles to having offers accepted. 

It also gives a dramatically improved candidate experience, which means candidates are more likely to accept your offers. Even candidates who don’t ultimately become employees have a positive experience – which boosts your employer brand and builds your future candidate network.

Overall OneDayTM is a more efficient, effective way to build your technical teams. It’s the antidote to a fast-paced, competitive hiring landscape.  

Sounds great, right? But OneDayTM isn’t for everyone.

Could you hire in OneDayTM

We get huge amounts of interest in OneDayTM – but many businesses just aren’t set-up to make OneDayTM work. OneDayTM is a tool, not a one-stop-shop solution. 

Here are the five criteria to see if OneDayTM could work for you.

1 – Do you need to hire multiple people, fast? 

OneDayTM is a better way to recruit technical people at scale. If you don’t need at least three technical hires within the next six months, this isn’t for you. That is, growth must be a strategic priority for your business right now. 

Otherwise you’ll struggle to get other stakeholders on-board, even if you personally are 100% committed to OneDayTM

2 – Can you give us exclusivity?  

To make OneDayTM work, we invest a huge amount of time and resource. Like several full-time consultants – even people on-site, in many cases.  

That’s not feasible unless you’re totally committed to working with us, which means trusting us exclusively with at least three roles. In practice, we’ll rarely make our first job together a OneDayTM. We’d usually ask you to give us one or two roles traditionally first, so we can learn your business and you can learn to trust us. Then we’d move to OneDayTM.

3 – Are you overwhelmingly committed?  

OneDayTM is like playing on a sports team together. If you don’t turn up, we can’t play and we certainly can’t win. In other words, OneDayTM only works if all stakeholders are on-side, with full commitment.

That means hiring managers, of course, but also engineers doing the interviews. Your team. HR. The C-Suite. Everyone needs to buy-into OneDayTM or there’s always someone who’ll disrupt the process – and it’ll fail. 

4 – Are you flexible? 

OneDayTM is a people-product – so you never quite know how it will evolve. You rely on our many years’ experience, of course, and deep market knowledge and extensive research. But anything can happen and you have to adapt. 

Like, perhaps that ideal job description simply isn’t on the market for your budget. You’re going to have to either increase your budget or change some must-haves to nice-to-haves, fast. 

5 – Do you have a fantastic employer proposition? 

At heart, OneDayTM is a sales opportunity. It attracts the best technical people on the market to interview, so you can give them an incredible experience and energize them to join your team.  

To do that, you have to actually be incredible. You have to know what makes you, you – and sell that to candidates during the interview day. 

We’re organising a OneDayTM at the moment, for example, where we’re putting on a whole event about the evolution of hybrid tech during the day. The CEO and all team leaders will be there; candidates get breakfast and lunch, meet everyone who matters.

It’s a big deal – but the client should get five to ten engineers out of it. Because everyone who attends has an incredible experience, and leaves feeling inspired and valued. 

Elevate recruitment to turn growth into business-as-usual

OneDayTM is fundamentally changing how high-growth companies in the Netherlands and the UK scale their tech teams. Because the thing about OneDayTM is, it’s not really about OneDayTM.

Ultimately OneDayTM becomes a recurring event that drives continuous growth. It’s a total strategic repositioning of the recruitment function – where recruitment becomes core business, not an add-on. And that’s what needs to happen, if your business is serious about growth.

Arrows Group partner with many of the world’s fastest-growing businesses, to build a strategic recruitment function that accelerates – not stalls – growth. Find out more about OneDayTM.