FutureScale™ is built on our Accelerated Careers Programme – a technology skills initiative that aims to build careers through our academy. It addresses the long-term hiring strategies of future-focused businesses, bringing in fresh talent, on demand.

The future of technology talent

Fast-growing tech companies often outpace the tech recruitment space – but FutureScale has an answer. We provide the framework for the academy, but you own it – and it’s underpinned by our CareCon™ service and embedded client services (Partnerships). Whether you’re tackling a persistent skills shortage or looking for the future leaders of your business, our apprentice programme provides a compelling solution.

What are your pain points?

Women in Tech

FutureScale targets graduates from a range of backgrounds, and sees the shortage of women in technology as an opportunity rather than a challenge. As a result, we help you to reset the balance and become an employer of choice.

Skills shortages

Young people are digital natives, and investment in their careers is especially fruitful in the tech space. Better still, we build your academy around your skills shortage – focusing on the abilities and qualifications you need.

CSR targets

Our graduates typically come from diverse backgrounds, and they also tend to come from local communities. And by building apprentices into your long-term strategy, you’re making CSR much more than a box-ticking exercise.

Accelerated Careers Framework


  • Improved retention: apprentices are proven to be more loyal to businesses that have invested in their future
  • Skills gaps filled: people are trained in the specific skills you require
  • Develop existing employees: bringing digital natives into your business can have a positive effect on existing staff
  • Government support: apprenticeships are partly funded by the government’s skills levy
  • CSR and sustainability: our academy programme will help you build a more diverse, sustainable workforce that benefits your local community
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