Charlie Sell

April 19, 2021

Cyber – The rise in IOT

The IoT has accelerated at a rapid pace and allows businesses to create real value, however the constant connectivity and sharing of data also creates risks. IoT is seeping into everyone’s lives and affects us as consumers and within...

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Industry News

Charlie Sell

February 23, 2021

Podcast Series Roundup

What do today’s global technology leaders all have in common and what are they predicting for the future in tech? Charlie Sell’s FutureTech Podcast Series One, has some interesting answers. Charlie Sell, Group MD of Arrows’ Group Global, realised...

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Sacha Schets

June 19, 2020

Java Developers and Polyglot Engineers Are Not the Same. So Why Use an Identical Approach to Find Them?

How much time, energy and expense is it taking your company to find the best people for your tech teams? I hear repeatedly from CTOs that filtering and interviewing large numbers of people for high volume tech roles is...

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