On Thursday 15th June, we held our annual Sales Conference and AGM at OXO2. The entire offices from London and Amsterdam, and 15 from our Indian office got together for a full day designed to focus on collaboration and agile working across the four tribes. The Sales Conference involved cross-tribe workshops to help us improve the services and quality of work we offer.

The day finished with Colin Burgess, the Director of Operations at Sky, sharing his knowledge and experience of the media and communications industry. He spoke through three main themes: being the real deal; being agile and focusing on the essential, and used his experience to explain these to us. Colin gave us a great insight into what makes good business practice and the importance of building successful relationships, and it was entertaining to all to hear and learn from one of our biggest Clients.

The AGM started in the evening with a champagne reception as everyone arrived back at OXO2 after changing into black tie. Our CEO, James Parsons, spoke about our performance and achievements over the last year and we celebrated the outstanding performances with awards in a variety of areas. He spoke about industry trends, our challenges and our strategy for the year ahead. We learnt about the company he saw Arrows being by 2020 and how we could use our roles and positions in the company to make progress towards this.

The day finished with dinner, drinks and the opportunity to spend time with colleagues from the different offices across the world – something we don’t have the chance to do often enough.


Arrows Group Global, the strategic resourcing group, releases trading update for the full year ended 31st March 2016.  The Board is pleased to confirm that the Group revenues for the full year grew to £40m representing a 23% increase on the previous year with NFI increasing 19.5%.

During the year the Group followed up the successful demerger from its sister company ICG Medical with a share buy out for the original owners that gives James Parsons, CEO, full share ownership of the business moving forwards.


“We are pleased to release such a positive trading update for the past year. We saw a strengthening of demand for both permanent and contract skills in the UK Technology market which grew at 33% and an increase in permanent demand across the European market (15%). As political turbulence continues to affect the UK market this year, our international expansion strategy goes from strength to strength as we experience an increase in demand from European, Asian and US tech hubs which appears set to endure over the next 12 months.”

Attracting and retaining the right talent is an important part of any business, especially those that are expanding quickly. Yet, as the fight to entice and retain talent gets tougher, maintaining a strong talent pipeline has never been so necessary. James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group shares 3 easy ways to improve employer branding and appeal to current and potential employees.

– B2B Marketing

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Whether to manage scalability or encourage collaboration, cloud skills are in demand across businesses and industries. James Parsons, CEO, Arrows Group shares the three general trends the company has seen amongst its own clients in terms of the specific cloud skills in demand, along with how businesses can manage their search to find the best cloud talent out there.

– Compare the Cloud

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Following the release of exclusive Arrows Group data revealing a 10% reduction in skilled tech workers from within the EU locating to the UK, James Parsons, CEO, Arrows Group shares his position on what the triggering of Article 50 means for the future of the UK’s digital skills landscape, and how we can make sure the UK remains an attractive place to work.

– IT Pro Portal

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As Article 50 is triggered, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group Global comments on the impact this could have on the UK technology sector and those workers that make it tick.

– Information Age

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As Article 50 is triggered, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group, comments that while many of its implications are still unclear, from a digital skills perspective, we’re already seeing how Brexit is making top digital talent reluctant to come to the UK and flock elsewhere.

– Recruitment International

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What does the triggering of Article 50 mean for growth businesses? James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group reveals that Brexit has already had an impact on digital skills, with some overseas candidates turning down competitive roles in the UK.

– Growth Business

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As prime minister Theresa May triggers Article 50, James Parsons, CEO and founder of Arrows Group explains that while many of the implications of Brexit are still unclear, we need to make sure the UK is still an attractive place to work for Europe’s top digital talent.

– Computer Weekly

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